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      Welcome to the website of Nanjing Lite Hydraulic Technology Co.,Ltd.


      Littel Hydraulic Tools

      Originality, To CreateHigh Cost Performance

      National Service Hotline: +86 025-57696866

      Independent Research And DevelopmentIndustry-Leading Efficiency Build Industry Safety Protection System


      The 360o×180o rotating oil connection has no limitation in used space

      Load And Unload

      The fine adjustment reaction force arm with 60 teeth can be located on solid fulcrum precisely. Use with lock catch for more safety.


      Piston and thrust Rod connect with High hardness seal ring to improve the wrench have good sealing performance


      Aviation Al-Ti alloy material to keep the wrench lighter and stronger


      With 60 tooth fine adjustment reaction arm can be accurately located on the fulcrum, Install and remove easily.


      New structural design,without retaining structure, can automatic lock and release. Never get stuck.



      Nanjing Lite Hydraulic Technology Co.,LTD.

              Nanjing Lite Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful ancient capital of the Six Dynasties Nanjing. The company has more than 2000㎡ workshop and more than 30 employees. With the concept of "striving for perfection, casting quality model, technology first, striving for industry pioneer" an··· ...

      For Details
      Working with central enterprises, Nanjing LiTe Hydraulic Co.

      Working with central enterprises, Nanjing LiTe Hydraulic Co.

      Yangzhou Branch of Sinopec is a local branch of Sinopec, a large-scale state-owned enterprise. It is engaged in the production and marketing of necessary products for national economic development and national defense construction, such as gasoline and di...

      Application of torque wrench in different industries

      Application of torque wrench in different industries

      With the development of social economy, the progress of science and technology. New measurement methods and techniques make this hidden number visible. In the past, this torque can only be measured in the laboratory, but also on the tools u...

      • How to choose hydraulic wrench?

        Hydraulic wrench is a conventional hydraulic torque wrench suite, which is generally composed of hydraulic torque wrench body, hydraulic torque wrench special pump station, as well as double high pressure hose and high strength heavy duty s...

      • New tips for hydraulic wrench kit

        Conventional hydraulic wrench sets are generally composed of hydraulic wrench body, hydraulic wrench special pump station and double high pressure hose and high strength heavy duty sleeve. Hydraulic wrench special pump can be electric or pn...

      • Hydraulic wrench in the hydraulic components how to choose

        First, the selection of hydraulic wrench pump according to the design requirements and system conditions to determine the type of hydraulic pump, and then according to the hydraulic wrench hydraulic pump maximum oil supply pressure and maxi...

      • Tips for selecting hydraulic wrenches

        There are two series of hydraulic wrenches: drive type hydraulic wrenches and hollow type hydraulic wrenches. As the name suggests, the drive type hydraulic torque wrench is driven by the drive shaft to the corresponding specifications of t...

      Online Service



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